Our staff will give you professional, scientifically-based information to manage, protect, and maximize the life of your valuable landscape assets.

We work to understand the cultural and environmental factors that influence overall plant health to obtain and maintain healthy growing conditions. We will then develop a treatment plan utilizing organically based, high quality products that improve the health of the soil and as well as target a pest problem. The result is healthier, drought tolerant trees and shrubs.


  • International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborists
  • Colorado Department of Agriculture Certified Applicators
  • Ornamental Pest Control
  • Residential/commercial Pest Control


Our fertilization programs utilize organically based products combined with soil enhancers. Adding nutrients to the soil is not enough.  They need to be available to the plant and our soils make that tough. Adding organics and microbes to the soil improves soil health thereby making existing as well as any added nutrients available for plant uptake.

Insect Pest & Disease Control

Maintaining plant health is the best practice to prevent significant insect pest or disease damage. However, if a problem becomes problematic treatment may be best.

Tree Protection

Perhaps you have a site improvement plan planned for your property. Did you know that construction is the number 1 killer of trees? Our PHC division has a number of services designed to protect your plants from construction damage including growth regulator treatments to reduce tree stress. If excavations are required within the root zone of a tree, our root damage mitigation service may be the answer. We excavate the soil around roots with an air spade, complete proper root pruning and then protect the roots with coconut burlap and plastic until the excavation can be backfilled.

Safely exposing the root zone with an airspade tool to perform proper root pruning of trees on a construction site.

Pruned roots are covered with a protective wrap until backfill work can be completed.

Organic Services

If you prefer totally organic treatments and are willing to live with some pests on your trees, we do offer complete organic pest treatment programs. These include evaluating of trees, shrubs, and turf for plant health, implementing good cultural practices and proper fertility. If necessary, the use of oils, soaps, biological and botanical practices to control plant damaging pests such as aphids and mites. Pest activity, especially for aesthetic and nuisance pests must be tolerated and more frequent visits and applications need to be performed.

Whether it is an initial landscape evaluation or a complex forest management plan, our consulting arborists can help. The goal is to obtain and maintain healthy growing conditions and to understand the cultural and environmental factors that influence overall plant health.

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