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We provide practical and innovative consulting solutions to tree health and preservation challenges utilizing advanced diagnostic tools, methodology, and experience.

Arboricultural treatments are the cure to tree health and preservation challenges. Our arboricultural consultants dig deep to reveal the root causes of those challenges and provide solutions to those challenges. From advanced tree health assessment and tree risk assessments to GPS tree inventories, Aspen Tree Service has the diagnostic tools and know how. The final product is a report summarizing findings and management recommendations.


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Advanced Tree Health Assesment

Trees may present a safety risk to people and property. Most mature trees have structural defects that can fail.

  • What is the probability that defect may fail?

  • What is the risk to your property?

  • What are the management options to reduce unacceptable risk?

Aspen Tree Service provides basic tree health assessments as part of our Plant Health Care services. However, some trees warrant more detailed evaluation, testing, analysis, and reporting. These services may include excavation of the root zone for evaluation, soil testing, foliar testing, or aerial lift sample collection and laboratory testing. The findings of these tests are analyzed, which culminates in a report summarizing findings and management recommendations.

Tree Risk Assessment

Our Tree Risk Assessment procedure uses the industry standard in tree risk assessment: International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Tree Risk Assessment methodology. Our ISA Tree Risk Qualified arborists will perform the systematic process of evaluating the tree from its roots to the top of the tree. The evaluation may include advanced assessment methods and tools such as root excavations, resistograph drillings to detect decay, and aerial lift inspections.

The result of the evaluation will be a document summarizing the findings, risk and management options to reduce the risk.

This aerial lift inspection included resistograph drilling of a trunk cavity high in the tree to measure the extent of decay.

Tree Removal Permit Application Process

A number of communities in the Roaring Fork and Uncompahgre Valleys require approval from the municipality for the removal of trees and plans to mitigate those removals. This process includes preparing an application and a report detailing the location and condition of the trees to be removed, and if required, a plan to mitigate the removal of the trees.

Aspen Tree Service will perform an inventory of the proposed tree removals, documenting the species, size, condition, and location of each tree on the property. We then assemble a summary of findings report. We will develop a mitigation plan if required, or work with the design firm designated to work on your site improvement plan. We will complete and submit the municipal application and work to gain approval of a project that meets your and the municipality’s objectives.

Tree Inventory Services

We offer tree inventory services to meet the needs of an individual project or the long term management of your plants.

Our consulting arborists will inventory each tree and collect relevant management data such as plant species, health, management needs, and global positioning coordinates for mapping. We also offer Urforian Manager, a web-based tree inventory management application. This application is an advanced service offered to our tree care customers to better manage their plants. It is also offered on a subscription fee basis to municipalities, golf courses, and other plant management entities to manage their plant inventories.

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