Plant Health Care Services for Healthy Trees and Shrubs in Aspen, Colorado

Expert Tree Care Including Fertilization, Insect Control, and More

Although your trees and plants may appear healthy and happy, it’s important to understand the threats they face on a daily basis. Pests, disease, weather, and soil conditions can impact their longevity, which is why a well-rounded plant health care plan is important for protecting your landscape. 

At Aspen Tree Service, our plant health care services range from pest and disease control to soil health and tree protection. Our organically-based fertilization programs not only add nutrients to the soil—but also add microbes that make it easier for your plants to absorb the nutrients, which is essential in our challenging Colorado soils. Healthy plants naturally have better resistance to pests and disease. Our targeted treatment approach boosts your tree’s immunity to pests and disease through trunk injections or soil injections versus broadcast spraying. 

This method of pest control, when feasible, helps to reduce the risk of transmission to water or other surroundings.  

If you’re making physical changes to your property, you may be affecting the health of your trees. If you are planning a construction project on your property, consider contacting us for a consultation even before the work begins to mitigate any potential damage. If we think a tree needs to be moved due to a new structure being built or installation of a new driveway, we can relocate your existing trees to a safer location. We offer root damage mitigation, with air spade excavation, proper root pruning, and coconut burlap and plastic protection around the roots. We can also help reduce stress on your trees through growth regulator treatments and more.

Protect the investment you’ve made in your landscape by keeping your trees and shrubs healthy. We can evaluate your soil and plant health and help you develop a customized care plan to ensure your plants live long, healthy, beautiful lives. For most pests and diseases, the sooner you recognize and address the problem, the better chance your tree or plant has of making a full recovery.  

Contact us to learn more about our plant health care programs, along with other tree services, lawn fertilization, weed control, aeration, holiday lighting, and more. ⇒

What Healthy Plants and Trees Look Like

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working on tree and plant projects for many of our neighbors around Aspen, Telluride, and Steamboat Springs. Browse our portfolio for a closer look at our recent work.


Our goal is to help you create and maintain the best possible growing conditions for your plants and trees. We offer science-based information, years of professional experience in the region, and more:

  • Our qualifications and certifications include: Colorado Department of Agriculture Certified Operators and Qualified Supervisors, specializing in Ornamental, Forest, and Turf Pest Control, and International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborists.
  • As a Tree Care Industry Association accredited company, we value the safety of our employees, our clients, and the community at large, and we’re fully insured.
  • We use high-quality tools and equipment that were designed for specific tasks—this increases our efficiency and safety on the job.
  • Our team participates in ongoing training and growth opportunities to ensure we understand and use the latest science, trends, and techniques.
  • If you’re concerned about your plants or trees, there’s no time to waste: our team is friendly and responsive, helping you get the answers you need and quickly setting appointments for consultations and services.
  • We’re prompt, reliable, courteous, and dedicated to the highest standards for tree and plant care.

Healthy Trees and Happy Clients

After decades of experience in the area, we’ve developed long-lasting relationships with clients who depend upon us to keep their trees healthy and their properties safe and attractive. This is what they have to say about working with us:

This Is How to Get Started With Us

Whether you’re taking care of your trees, scheduling a consultation, or planning a holiday lighting project, we make it easy to get started with us. We follow a simple, transparent process to ensure we get your project completed efficiently and according to your wishes.



Tell us what you need, and we'll set an appointment for you with a certified arborist or a skilled lighting technician.


Our arborist or technician will visit your property to evaluate the situation and create a plan according to your budget and needs.


During the site visit, we can identify a time frame on when you'll receive a detailed project proposal to review. We will send the proposal for your review and then follow up with a call to see if you have any questions.


After you accept the proposal, we'll schedule the work. Tree and plant installations require a 50 percent deposit to cover materials, which will be listed on your proposal.


We complete your project safely and in alignment with our high-quality standards to meet or exceed your expectations.


As our name implies, we're known for tree services, however, we offer a variety of other services where we apply the same expertise and attention to detail to every job we do:


Whether you contact us for a problem you are seeing with your current trees or you are looking for help selecting the right tree for your location, our certified arborists guide you through each of our services equipped with knowledge and expertise and can address questions about land clearing, tree and stump removal, pruning, emergency tree services, fire mitigation, forest management, and more. As a TCIA Accredited company, we always put safety first. 



Regular inspection and maintenance of trees help preserve their vitality and ensure their sound structure and long life. Problems like insect infestation or disease are best treated when identified early. Our certified arborists will inspect your property, make suggestions to keep your trees in tip-top shape, and offer treatments and options to restore health to those that are struggling.



We take a complete service approach to outdoor holiday lighting for your home or business, so you can enjoy the festivity without any hassle. It all starts with a site visit and design plan; we hang the lights, set timers, and check on them and make adjustments throughout the season. We’re on call for repairs when necessary, and we take your lights down and store them at our facility at the end of the season.



Installing a tree is a complex process. We can help you choose a species that will thrive in your soil and climate, then select an ideal location for planting and provide information on how to nurture the tree as it grows. If you have a mature tree that needs to be relocated, we have the knowledge and the right equipment to relocate your tree safely and set it up for a long life. 



Keep your lawn healthy and green with customized lawn treatments and weed control. Every yard is different, and we’ll work with you to determine the best approach for your property with organic or traditional treatment options that are tree-friendly and support a drought-tolerant landscape.



From HOA’s to retail centers, resorts, and municipalities, our dedicated team assists property managers and business owners maintain the value of their landscape assets through tree care, fertilization, tree pruning, planting, and more.



With advanced tree health assessments, tree risk assessments, and tree inventory services, we can identify issues with your tree health, preservation challenges and develop a management plan. If you need to remove a tree, we can help with the permit application process. 

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Tree Services in Aspen and Other Mountain Communities

Aspen Tree Service has locations in Carbondale, Ridgway, and Steamboat Springs, and we serve the following communities:

  • Aspen
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All Your Tree Care Services Under One Roof


Plant health care doesn’t have to be reactive. Instead of waiting for your trees and shrubs to show signs of poor nutrition, disease, or pest damage, get started on a proactive plan that addresses the health of your soil, proper pruning, protection during construction or replanting, and other preventative measures to keep your plants healthy. This will give them the best chance of withstanding those challenges on their own, and when they need a little extra help, we’re ready to step in. Contact us to learn more about our full range of tree and plant care services and to schedule your first appointment.  

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