Our mission is to preserve and restore trees throughout the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond



Trees have the highest value of any landscape asset, but they are often overlooked in maintenance budgets. Pruning and natural care will insure they thrive for years to come.



Organically based, high quality products improve the health of the soil and result in a stronger, greener and more drought tolerant lawn that does not compete with your other landscape plants.


Aspen Tree Service is a locally owned and operated, full service tree care company with a highly educated and experienced team of professional arborists who are committed to the highest standards of care.

You can rest assured that the work we recommend and perform is what’s best for your trees. Your landscape is a highly valuable asset to your property, you should be sure that it’s being cared for as such.

Aspen Tree Service has been accredited in accordance with Tree Care Company Accreditation standards put forth by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), America’s oldest and most respected tree care trade association. Accredited tree care companies must re-apply every three years so that their practices can be reviewed and the continuation of best business practices can be verified.

Meet Aspen Tree Service

Our employees are International Society of Arboriculture Certified and Board Certified Master Arborists. These professionals have demonstrated a high level of knowledge and professionalism.


Killer Bark Beetles

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Bark beetles prey on may species of trees. Several of these beetles that have been in the news lately, are active in the Roaring Fork Valley and can kill an untreated tree. It is not the adult beetle, rather the larvae that does the damage. The female beetle lays her eggs in the bark of a tree, the eggs hatch…

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Fall Snow Storm Tree Damage

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The early snow storms that hit the high country over the first few weeks in October caused significant tree damage from Basalt to Aspen. Our crews have been working overtime since the event to cleanup the damage. We received over 100 calls for service. Not all the tree damage Mother Nature causes can be prevented. A tree shedding branches is…

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Needle Cast: Why your tree is turning brown

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Why Your Tree is Turning Brown Every fall spruce and pine trees come into balance by shedding interior needles and less productive limbs that are unable to be supported by the tree’s root system.  This is a natural phenomenon and should not be confused with impacts from insect or disease.  Trees that are in wet sites, have pushed a lot…

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After many years in the tree business, you can rely on us to be the best in the Valley.