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Are you noticing brown needles on your evergreens?

Each September and October our Arborists frequently hear the question, “Why are some needles on my tree turning brown?”

Every Fall, spruce and pine trees come into balance by shedding interior needles and less productive limbs that are unable to be supported by the trees’ root system. This is a natural phenomenon and should not be confused with impacts from insect or disease.

Trees that are in wet sites, have pushed a lot of new growth, or have had root damage generally show the most pronounced effects. Low and interior branches that have been trimmed back during the growing season or are growing in low light will also often be shed by the tree at this time.

Needle browning to investigate further

Abnormal needle browning

If your tree is turning brown and has declining limbs from the top down, outside inward, or has pitch masses on the main stem, you should call us for an evaluation; otherwise your tree is most likely coming into balance as a result of seasonal environmental conditions.


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